Role:  Lead 3D & 2D Motion Design

Production:  Synaesthesia Music Video

Sound Design:  Nick Spencer

This collaboration is based on Synesthesia, which is a neurological condition that causes specific senses to stimulate others. It is unsure how many synesthetes there are, due to the fact that most people who have it, do not realise that it is a condition, they assume it is normal. Although there are various types, the most common is Grapheme to Colour Synesthesia, this causes the person to always see individual numbers or letters in particular colours.

The aim of this project was to highlight some of the other types, that incorporate sound and vision; it was decided that each sound would be represented by a shape and each note of the chromatic scale would have its own colour. Some shapes have slight variations where the same sound has had an effect applied to it (in the audio). The soundtrack was created by Nick and then handed to me to add the visuals using which I created using After Effects and Cinema 4d in a week around my job as a motion designer. Nick created the track using Ableton Live, Kontakt, Massive and Reaktor.

The track is split into 4 pieces visually to represent the actual structure of the audio into, intro / breakdown / drop / outro.

Producer:  James Lashmar
3D & 2D: James Lashmar

Compositing:  James Lashmar